SPACE2ID (Space Clusters International Industrial Diversification)

SPACE2ID aims to be the very first structured action for Space Service Providers and Application Developers to directly address the huge economic potential of several industrial sectors, carefully selected at European and International level with a clear “market pull” orientation.

The main objective is to create a sustainable European Strategic Cluster Partnership between European Space Clusters and other key European diversification clusters from their areas of operation:

European space clusters strongly believe that an important growth potential lies in this MELCA (Mobility, Energy, Logistics, Creative industries and Agriculture) diversification. Indeed, new value chains are expected to be developed in these economic sectors. Moreover, the products that will stem from this diversification process are particularly adapted to countries in which the ground infrastructures are not developed enough to allow these services to be provided by traditional ways. Therefore, the capability for the European Space Industry to grow is based on their capability to export their services. But, in those relatively new domains, the companies are generally small to be able to deploy significant commercial actions abroad and obtain knowledge from the “end-users” needs at international level.

The SPACE2ID strategic cooperation will set the grounds for this international business development plan in order to go international stronger and faster.

Clusters will play an important role by acting as “springboards” to International markets for European suppliers and by organizing, on a long-term basis, commercial actions in selected third countries.