SPACE2ID: a collaborative organizational structure

Most space clusters of the SPACE2ID consortium have already started their cooperation in the Clusters Working Group of the NEREUS association.

NEREUS (Network of European Regions Using Space Technologies) is an initiative launched by regions from all over Europe, which share its governance as Full Members. Within NEREUS, emphasis has been placed on the use of space technologies and the network aims to explore the benefits of space technologies for Regions and their citizens and to spread their applications.

Aerospace Valley, Skywin, TeRN (Basilicata Earth Observation cluster) and Madrid AeroSpace clusters started to share discussions within the Nereus Clusters Working Group by mid-2012. The SPACE2ID project is thus a natural follow up of this cooperation.

Moreover, as requested by the COSME Call, all the clusters of the consortium have a legal entity and they comply with the innovation cluster definition:

– They gather several types of members (i.e. small, medium and large enterprises, as well as research and knowledge dissemination organizations, non-for-profit organizations and other related economic actors).

– They act in the innovation stimulation by promoting sharing of facilities and exchange of knowledge and expertise and by contributing effectively to knowledge transfer, networking, information dissemination and collaboration among the undertakings and other organizations in the cluster. They develop collaborative projects between their regional members.

Furthermore, all the clusters are already profiled on the ECCP platform. One cluster has been awarded Gold Label by ECEI (AeroSpace Valley, coordinator) and 6 clusters are Bronze labelled (Skywin, Madrid AeroSpace Cluster, si-Cluster, gi-Cluster, Asociación Sostenibilidad y Energías Renovables and Logistics in Wallonia).