KLASTER ITS (K-ITS): The Polish Intelligent Transportation Systems Cluster is a young cluster that has been registered in September, 2013 under the Polish name of Klaster inteligentnych systemów transportowych (KLASTER ITS).

The idea of establishing the ITS Cluster stemmed from the need to lay a foundation for mutual cooperation and the exchange of knowledge between businesses, research institutions and public authorities in the area of Intelligent Transportation Systems.

The mission of the Cluster is to support the development and innovation in the field of intelligent transportation solutions in Poland. So far, 28 organisations including private enterprises, universities and research units, public authorities and non-governmental organisations are members of the cluster, which is coordinated by ITS POLSKA, a professional Public-Private initiative dedicated to development and deployment of ITS technologies to enhance safe, efficient and environmental friendly transportation system.

Eight working groups have been formed to initiate actions and gather partners able to drive ITS innovation while answering the market and the society needs. The working groups are the following ones: 1. Mobility Management; 2. Dual-use technology; 3. Traffic Management; 4. Metrology WIM; 5. Electronic billing, pricing and control systems in communication and transport; 6. Intelligent Transport Systems for rail; 7. Shared Services Centre and 8. Smart city.

The ITS Cluster has its office in Warsaw, Poland.