MADRID AEROSPACE CLUSTER was founded in 2006 although its activities did not commence until 2008.
It is currently made up of 52 members including major corporations, SME, universities and research centres. The Spanish Industry Ministry classifies it as an association of Innovative Companies and it holds the ECEI bronze medal since 2014, while it is currently striving to improve this status.

Cluster activities are aimed at creating an environment of innovative cooperation among companies and research institutions within Madrid’s aerospace industry, as well as providing support to members that participate in international projects, consolidate member’s role in the aeronautical industry’s supply chain and increase member participation in the space industry.

Cluster Work groups also offer support to Regional, Spanish and European Administrations in the design of strategies and regulations that make possible the development of businesses based on applications of UAVs and space technologies, most importantly those involved in environments such as smart cities, agriculture and energy.